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Originally set up to consolidate and automate "routine" customer transactions, call centers today are ideally positioned to drive the next wave of customer value creation.
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Building intelligent sales outsourcing solutions has been ITMatchOnline’s only focus. ITMatchOnline has a list of service providers who are focusing on companies those needed immediate revenue generation. These sales outsourcing service providers have worked with many industries including Technology, Energy, Financial Services, Telecommunication, and Healthcare. The solution they provide is a "true" business process outsourcing model whereby the sales team is exclusively recruited, trained, and managed for each client. Each sales agent only represents one client. ITMatchOnline Members protect clients' brand through extensive recruiting and training processes.

They develop sales plans, recruit highly qualified sales professionals and manage them to meet their client's revenue goals. Many organizations may have a sales team in place but their flexible solutions allow them to meet the demands of today's market. If acquiring small and medium business (SMB) is part of your organization's charter, ITMatchOnline is your solution. ITMatchOnline has members who have the best online marketers’ team to meet the sales targets of the clients.

Emerging companies and Fortune 500 companies alike-- every organization needs a sales strategy and a tactical level sales plan. ITMatchOnline members offer a range of services from sales outsourcing to sales consulting and professional sales training. They provide their clients information on developing effective sales pitches and building top performing sales teams.

They create repeatable and sustainable business processes designed to bring positive results in a short period of time. Their programs and services are designed by sales professionals with technical and executive level business experience to ensure your success. Whether you're selling a technical product or professional services, their experienced executives make sure you achieve your desired results.

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