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Originally set up to consolidate and automate "routine" customer transactions, call centers today are ideally positioned to drive the next wave of customer value creation.
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Customer Support Services

Outsourcing inbound customer services to India is a good option as the call center industry in the country is on an upward spiral. A large pool of highly educated professionals who speak English, world class facilities and infrastructure, increasingly good telecom connectivity, and the capability to handle a range of services, are just some of the reasons why outsourcing inbound customer support to India is so popular.

There are a number of factors that may prevent your own company or organization from carrying out customer support services. Whether it is order taking, conducting surveys, registration services, direct marketing, web customer service, or technical support, outsourcing inbound customer services to ITMatchOnline associated service providers has many advantages.

ITMatchOnline members have the teams who are fluent in English and also have the capability for Spanish, German, French and other major languages of the world. They hire customer support representatives based on their accent and conversation skills, technical skills, certifications & degrees, competence, call center etiquettes, internet skills, sales skills and products & services domain experience. So they are highly reliable and can deliver world-class quality and ensure rapid delivery of service. They have adapted international quality and security standards. Their telecommunication network enables instantaneous high-speed transfer of voice and data across the globe.

These service providers are also able to provide critical Computer Telephony Integration and Interactive Voice Response systems regardless of the customer's PABX, ACD, computer or database. They deploy the best of telecom infrastructure with various redundancies at every critical juncture to provide uptime commitments of over ninety- nine percent. Each of their technical support representatives has direct access to the Internet to allow them to access client’s on-line problem tracking system, FAQs, knowledge base and account information. You can also get 24/7 support due to availability of quality manpower in multiple work timings and uninterrupted Power Supplies and constant back-ups. These service providers can offer customer support services at competitive costs compared to the same services in other countries.

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