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Originally set up to consolidate and automate "routine" customer transactions, call centers today are ideally positioned to drive the next wave of customer value creation.
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ITMatchOnline provides Business to Business Chat Support solutions. Live online chat can be one of the most compelling tools you can use in building customer relationships. Empower your website with live chat support! Imagine the difference having live sales people on your website 24/7 can make. Today 90% of online customers prefer human interaction; 41% of consumers would be more likely to transact if human interaction were available. You actually provide your customer with a human interface to help the customer navigate through various activities such as purchase processes, filing online insurance claims, applying online for credit cards, technical support and endless other activities. These outsourcing service providers can courteously handle any complaints and suggestions, should there be any.

You invest heavily in your website and your ongoing marketing campaign. What happens when customers start to call or visit your website? Can your staff and equipment handle the sales? Maybe you have a seasonal business that needs 50 -100 operators for a short period. ITMatchOnline listed Chat support service providers act as your virtual customer service center communicating with your customers on hourly or per day basis in various modes such as Voice, e-mail and live website interaction. ITMatchOnline registered outsourcing chat support providers have special care and situation specific training designed and provided to the staff in order to ensure an exceptional experience for your customer. ITMatchOnline’s members will personalize your relationship with web site visitors giving your website a "live" feel. If your website visitor does not get the answer to all their questions you will lose sales.

The benefits that you derive by outsourcing the chat services to these service providers are :

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